US Navy

The US Navy is the best in the world. Some of the latest air craft carriers are capable of supporting small sized cities with energy, water, and medical facilities for long period of time. “Sail the seven seas and see the world” is no joke when you join the US Navy. If you are joining the US Navy to get out of your small town (everybody says they come from a small town) and/or to see the world, then this is your “E” (Enlisted) ticket to ride. Our major show of force around the world is usually in the presence of our Navy ships off the coast of various countries. The Navy is fully equipped with submarines, aircraft carriers, amphibious capable ships, jets, drones of all types, and they need lots of people to support these military items as well. There are plenty of the usual and the unusual career paths to take in the Navy. If you love the ocean and like traveling the world to see “ports of call”, then the Navy will be the greatest experience of your life. The opportunity to see faraway lands and exotic cities is a reality in the Navy.

The US Navy is a great choice to make with numerous careers to choose from. Choose what you want to do wisely. We’ve all heard of the famous Navy SEALS and Naval Aviators, but have you also heard of the Navy Sea Bees? They are the Construction Battalions of the Navy and are comprised of every trade needed to build anything, anywhere, and anyplace. They are a close knit group of individuals that remain friends long after their service is over. They serve their country honorable while they learn a skill most have to pay to learn. The Sea Bees build airport runways, buildings, bridges, structures, communications towers, and much more than any other mobile force. The point being is that the Navy has a fully functional crew of electricians, plumbers, surveyors, draftsman, carpenters, welders, apprentices, engineers, and many more skilled positions that positively translate into various civilian careers. The best job to try and get in the military is one that easily translates into a civilian job right away. The trade skills learned in the US Navy Construction Battalion encompasses every trade in the civilian equivalent.

The SEALS, Aviators, and Sea Bees are just a few of the careers that the US Navy has to offer any who want to join their ranks. The US Navy is the best service for you if you are interested in seeing the seven seas, ports of call, build buildings, fly jets, and sail on ships. Today’s modern US Navy is not the same as the one our grandparents joined. Advanced training, computer advancements, communication devices, and the young computer savvy high school students can advance our US Navy to new heights. The future in the Navy is looking good.