US Marine Corps

“Some people wonder all their lives if they have made a difference. The Marines don’t have that problem.”   -Ronald Reagan-

-The Few, the Proud, the Marines -

Many countries fear the United States Marines. As they should.  Some countries tell their army soldiers that Marines have to kill a family member to even become a Marine. As fierce as Marines are their true desire is to defend the United States at all costs, even if it means that they sacrifice their own lives to do so. For this reason the US Marines are given the most Honorable jobs of defending US Embassies in many foreign countries, protecting US Dignitaries, protecting the President at the White House (as Marine One lands you will always see a US Marine at the bottom of the steps to welcome the President), playing in “The President’s Own” band, being the “first to fight” in every US conflict, and given the choice they would fight to the death before retreating. From the clean “Spit and Polished” Marine on the recruiting posters and in the commercials, to the field Marine who haven’t showered for days in the Iraqi desert, these Devil Dogs are the best defense we have against enemies foreign and domestic.  Each Marine is trained with the ethos to take out 10 or more enemy bore they are allowed to die.  Of course this is not always the case but it gives you the mind set that is taken to wars and conflicts.  That mind set with leaving no Marine (US Soldier) behind has helped created the  mystic of the Marines.
The Marine Corps dress blue uniform is known world wide, but every Marine will tell you that not everybody has the metal to make a Marine. Honor, Courage, and Commitment are the three core values all Marine serve by. Marines are fittest military force on the planet. Sure there are specialized units (Delta, SEALs, Rangers, and Air Force PJs) that are in great shape, but as a whole military branch the Marines beat all other services (in the world). There has been a stigma out there that Marine are not that smart, but to be a Marine in today’s world our Marines are smarter, stronger, faster, punctual, disciplined enough to accomplish the hardest missions, and capable enough to adapt and overcome any obstacle better than any civilian could. To be a Marine you have to score at least a 32 on the ASVAB. Marine Corps boot camp reinforces and amplifies the mentality that you can do anything you put your mind to. A person just needs to learn how to focus of the goal and the path becomes clear with each step. The main problems that most civilians have achieving their goals are that they usually stop at the first or second hurdle in life with every situation.
Do you have the metal to make a Marine? Are you strong mentally, have good physical endurance, and able to make good sound decisions under stress? If you are you may be able to become a Marine. Many young Americans have asked themselves that question, but only a few have earned the title “Marine”. To become a Marine you have to be physically fit. That first requirement weeds out a great number of potential applicants who are lying to themselves about their fitness level. A Marine has to score 32 on the ASVAB (AFQT) test and that is higher than the Army and the Navy. Only 5% a year are allowed to join the Marines with a GED. Possessing a GED means that the potential recruit has to then score a 50 or more on the ASVAB (AFQT), have a clean background, physically fit, and take any open position the Marine Corps has to offer. After these tough hurdles are passed, then a recruit/”Poolee” can prepare him or herself for the longest military boot camp of all the armed forces. At approximately 12 weeks long you’ll definitely understand what it means to be a United States MARINE.