Coast Guard Boot Camp

Boot Camp

The boot camp for the Coast Guard is located in one location and that is Cape May, New Jersey. You’ll have ½ a week in processing and 7 weeks of intense training. It is highly recommended that you get into shape before going to Cape May. You should focus on running, push ups, sit ups, swimming, and treading water. There are also some other considerations that should be aware of bhefore going to Coast Guard boot camp. There is absolutely no smoking at Coast Guard boot camp, so you should quit well before going. They do not care how crappy you feel, because you might need a smoke. You should know your social security number by heart at all times as it will help you fill out paperwork . Every American adult should know there SSN and you need to know yours for many military paperwork processes (you do want to get paid-right?!?). Have a bank account set up a month or more before your boot camp ship date, because the military will not pay you in cash (welcome to the modern/digital age). Make sure you can easily set up direct deposit to this bank account (bring a blank check from your account to help). You should also know how to swim. Yes, the Coast Guard wants you to know how to swim. I know, how demanding of them. It’s the Coast Guard!-need I say more? Learn some Coast Guard history before you go. This will help you during your time at boot camp. Learn the whole Officer and Enlisted rank structure before you go, because you will be using it at boot camp to address the instructors there.

Coast Guard boot camp is challenging. Every military boot camp is. They break down your civilian habits, teach you the Coast Guard way to do things, and then build you up with enough confidence and pride to fit the uniform correctly. When you graduate it will be one of the greatest/highest accomplishments of your life. I guarantee it. There are not many who can say they have done what you have set out to do. After boot camp you will be attached to your parent unit until you decide what rate/career you want to take. When you decide on that, then you will go to an “A” school. An “A” school has the basics of any skill set you want to learn. It can be an “A” school for Aircraft Mechanics, Store Keep, and many other job skills the Coast Guard needs to fill. From there you will be sent back to your unit for on-the-job-training that will aid in advancing you in rank. The rest is up to you as to how far you want to go in the Coast Guard. There are a number of people who say that they never thought the Coast Guard would be their career and go on to complete 20+ years of HONORABLE Service. Those that enter into the military young (17 1/2 years old)often get a chance at second career at 37, 38, or 39 years of age. The day you graduate boot camp you will feel like anything is possible, and it is. Never forget that feeling! Anything really is possible if you set your mind to it.

Semper Paratus!