Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC)

In the Army & Marines, an enlisted job is called an “MOS” (Military Occupation Specialty). In the Navy & Coast Guard, an enlisted job is called a “Rating.” In the Air Force, and enlisted job is known as an “AFSC” (Air Force Specialty Code). Once you figure out how this nubering system works you can figure out a persons job type, skill, profeciency, and rank by their AFSC.

The 1st number in the AFSC is the career group. There are 9 Air Force Career Groups:




4- Medical/Dental;



7-Special Investigations;

8- Special Duty Assignments;

9-Special Reporting Identifiers.

The 2nd digit (letter) identifies the career field.

The 3rd digit (numeral) indicates the career field subdivision (ie, job functional area). The 4th number in the AFSC indicates a person’s skill-level. For example, someone with the AFSC “1A051″ has a five-skill level. An individual receives the “1″ (helper) skill-level when they enter technical school for the AFSC. Upon graduation from technical school, they receive the “3″ (apprentice) skill level. Individuals are normally awarded the “5″ (journeyman) skill level after a period of on-the-job training (OJT) and correspondence courses (Called “CDCs”). Depending on the job, this process can last anywhere between 12 and 18 months. Upon promotion to Staff Sergeant, individuals enter training for the “7″ (craftsman) Skill Level. “7″ level training consists of more CDCs, more OJT, and (for some jobs) a 7-level technical school. Upon promotion to E-8, the person receives a “9″ (superintendent) skill level.

The final digit (numeral) indicates further job division within the same functional area. Specific skills (such as type of aircraft) are designated by suffixes, such as “A” or “B.”


Aircrew Operations

1A0X1 — In-Flight Refueling

1A1X1 — Flight Engineer

1A2X1 — Loadmaster

1A3X1 — Airborne Communications Systems

1A4X1 — Airborne Battle Management

1A5X1 — Airborne Missions Systems

Command Control Systems Operations

1C0X1 — Airfield Management

1C0X2 — Operations Resource Management

1C1X1 — Air Traffic Control

1C2X1 — Combat Control

1C3X1 — Command Post

1C4X1 — Tactical Air Command and Control

1C5X1 — Aerospace Control and Warning Systems

1C6X1 — Space Systems Operations


1N0X1 — Intelligence Applications

1N1X1 — Imagery Analysis

1N2X1 — Signals Intelligence Production

1N3X1 — Germanic Cryptologic Linguist

1N3X2 — Romance Cryptologic Linguist

1N3X3 — Slavic Cryptologic Linguist

1N3X4 — Far East Cryptologic Linguist

1N3X5 — Mid-East Cryptologic Linguist

1N4X1 — Signals Intelligence Analysis

1N5X1 — Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation

1N6X1 — Electronic System Security Assessment


1S0X1 — Safety Aircrew Protection

1T0X1 — Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Training

1T1X1 — Aircrew Life Support

1T2X1 — Pararescue


1W0X1 — Weather



Aerospace Maintenance

2A0X1 — Avionics Test Station and Components

2A1X1 — Avionics Sensors Maintenance

2A1X2 — Avionics Guidance & Control Systems

2A1X3 — Communication & Navigation Systems

2A1X4 — Airborne Surveillance Radar Systems

2A1X7 — Electronic Warfare Systems

2A3X1 — F-15/F-111 Avionics Systems

2A3X2 — F-16, F-117, CV-22 Avionic Systems

2A3X3 — Tactical Aircraft Maintenance

2A4X1 — Aircraft Guidance & Control

2A4X2 — Aircraft Communication & Navigation Systems

2A5X1 — Aerospace Maintenance

2A5X2 — Helicopter Maintenance

2A5X3 — Bomber Avionics Systems

2A6X1 — Aerospace Propulsion

2A6X2 — Aerospace Ground Equipment

2A6X3 — Aircrew Egress Systems

2A6X4 — Aircraft Fuel Systems

2A6X5 — Aircraft Hydraulic Systems

2A6X6 — Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems

2A7X1 — Aircraft Metals Technology

2A7X2 — Nondestructive Inspection

2A7X3 — Aircraft Structural Maintenance

2A7X4 — Survival Equipment

Comm-Elec/Wire Systems Maintenance

2E0X1 — Ground Radar Systems

2E1X1 — Satellite and Wideband Communications Equip

2E1X2 — Meteorological and Navigation Systems

2E1X3 — Ground Radio Communications

2E1X4 — Visual Imagery and Intrusion Detection Systems

2E2X1 — Electronic Computer and Switching Systems

2E3X1 — Secure Communication Systems

2E4X1 — Space Systems

2E6X1 — Communications Antenna Systems

2E6X2 — Communication Cable Systems

2E6X3 — Telephone Systems

2E8X1 — Instrumentation and Telemetry


2F0X1 — Fuels

Logistics Plans

2G0X1 — Logistics Plans

Missile Maintenance

2M0X1 — Missile and Space Systems Elect Maintenance

2M0X2 — Missile and Space Systems Maintenance

2M0X3 — Missile and Space Facilities

Precision Measurement

2P – Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory

Maintenance Management

2R0X1 – Maintenance Management Analysis

2R1X1 – Maintenance Management Production

Materiel Management

2S – Materiel Management

Transportation & Vehicle Management

2T0X1 – Traffic Management

2T1X1 – Vehicle Operations

2T2X1 – Air Transportation

Vehicle Management

2T3X1 – Vehicle and Vehicular Equipment Maintenance

2T3X2 – Special Vehicle Maintenance

2T3X7 – Vehicle Management and Analysis

Munitions & Weapons

2W0X1 – Munitions Systems

2W1X1 – Aircraft Armament Systems

2W2X1 – Nuclear Weapons


Cyberspace Support

3D0X1 – Knowledge Operations Management

3D0X2 – Cyber Systems Operations

3D0X3 – Cyber Surety (IA and COMSEC)

3D0X4 – Computer Systems Programming

3D1X1 – Client Systems

3D1X2 – Cyber Transport Systems

3D1X3 – RF Transmission Systems

3D1X4 – Spectrum Operations

3D1X5 – Ground Radar Systems

3D1X6 – Airfield Systems

3D1X7 – Cable and Antenna Systems (Cable Dawgs)

3E – Civil Engineering


3E0X1 – Electrical Systems

3E0X2 – Electrical Power Production

3E1X1 – Heating, Ventilation, AC, and Refrigeration

3E2X1 – Pavements and Construction Equipment

3E3X1 – Structural

3E4X1 – Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance

3E4X3 – Pest Management

3E5X1 – Engineering

3E6X1 – Operations Management

3E7X1 – Fire Protection

3E8X1 – Explosive Ordnance Disposal

3E9X1 – Emergency Management


3H – Historian


3M – Services

Public Affairs


3N0X1 – Public Affairs

3N0X2 – Broadcast Journalist

3N0X4 – Still Photography

3N1X1 – Regional Band

3N2X1 – Premier Band

Security Forces

3P – Security Forces

Mission Support


3S0X1 – Personnel

3S1X1 – Equal Opportunity

3S2X1 – Education and Training

3S3X1 – Manpower

3V031 – Visual Information


4A0X1 – Health Services Management

4A1X1 – Medical Material

4A2X1 – Biomedical Equipment

4B0X1 – Bioenvironmental Engineering

4C0X1 – Mental Health Service

4D0X1 – Diet Therapy

4E0X1 – Public Health


4H0X1 – CardiopulmonaryLaboratory

4J0X1 – Physical Medicine

4M0X1 – Aerospace and Operational Physiology

4N0X1 – Aerospace Medical Service

4N1X1 – Surgical Service

4P0X1 – Pharmacy

4R0X1 – Diagnostic Imaging

4T0X1 – Medical Laboratory

4T0X2 – Histopathology

4V0X1 – Ophthalmic


4Y0X1 – Dental Assistant

4Y0X1H – Dental Hygienist

4Y0X2 – Dental Laboratory





5J – Paralegal

Chaplain Assistant

5R – Chaplain Assistant




6C – Contracting


6F – Financial Management & Comptroller

Special Investigations

7S – Special Investigations (OSI)

Special Duty Identifiers

8A100 – Career Assistance Advisor

8A200 – Enlisted Aide

8B000 – Military Training Instructor

8B100 – Military Training Leader

8B200 – Academic Military Training NCO

8C000 – Airman & Family Readiness Center RNCO

8D000 – Linguist Debriefer

8E000 – Research Analysis and Lessons Learned

8F000 – First Sergeant

8G000 – Honor Guard

8H000 – Airman Dorm Leader

8M000 – Postal

8P000 – Courier

8P100 – Defense Attaché

8R000 – Enlisted Accessions Recruiter

8R200 – Second-Tier Recruiter

8R300 – Third-Tier Recruiter

8S000 – Missile Facility Manager

8T000 – Professional Military Education Instructor

Reporting Identifiers

9A000 – Awaiting Retraining-Reasons beyond Control

9A100 – Awaiting Retraining-Reasons within Control

9A200 – Awaiting Discharge/Separation/Retirement for Reasons Within Their Control

9A300 – Awaiting Discharge/Separation/Retirement for Reasons Beyond Their Control

9A400 – Disqualified Airman, Return to Duty Program

9C000 – CMSgt of the Air Force

9E000 – Command Chief Master Sergeant

9F000 – First Term Airmen Center

9G100 – Group Superintendent

9J000 – Prisoner

9L000 – Interpreter/Translator

9P000 – Patient

9R000 – Civil Air Patrol (CAP)-USAF Reserve Assistance NCO

9S100 – Technical Applications Specialist

9T000 – Basic Enlisted Airman

9T100 – Officer Trainee

9T200 – Pre-Cadet Assignee

9U000 – Enlisted Airman Ineligible for Local Utilization

9U100 – Unallotted Enlisted Authorization

9W000 – Potential Wounded Warrior

9W100 – Reserved for Future Use

9W200 – Wounded Warrior

9W300 – Wounded Warrior-Returned to Duty

9W400 – Wounded Warrior-Limited Assignment Status (LAS)

9W500 – Wounded Warrior-Retired/Discharged

9W600 – Reserved for Future Use

9W700 – Reserved for Future Use

9W800 – Reserved for Future Use

9W900 – Reserved for Future Use


Officer AFSCs

An officer AFSC typically consists of four alphanumeric characters.  The Career Group is the first numeric that starts as follows.  The next two digits refers to the specific job specification.  The last digit is the skill level of that oficer in that field.  many officers transfer AFSC’s but are very skilled, plus they already have advanced degrees that make them a great addition to the officer Ranks.

1 (Operations)

2 (Logistics)

3 (Support)

4 (Medical or Dental)

5 (Legal or Chaplain)

6 (Acquisition or Finance)

7 (Special Investigation)

8 (Special Duty Identified)

9 (Reporting Identifier)

 The second numeric is as follows.

0 – Qualified commander 

1 – Entry

2 – Intermediate 

3 – Qualified

4 – Staff 

The next two digits refers to the specific job specification.


10C0 – Operations Commander

11BX – Bomber Pilot

11EX – Experimental Test Pilot

11FX – Fighter Pilot

11GX – Generalist Pilot

11HX – HelicopterPilot

11KX – Trainer Pilot

11MX – Mobility Pilot

11RX – Recce/Surv/Elect Warfare Pilot

11SX – Special Operations Pilot

11UX – Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA-Drones) Pilot

12BX – Bomber Combat Systems Officer

12EX – Experimental Test Combat Systems Officer

12FX – Fighter Weapons Systems Officer (WSO)

12GX – Generalist Combat Systems Officer

12KX – Trainer Combat Systems Officer

12MX – Mobility Combat Systems Officer

12RX – Recce/Surv/Elect Warfare Combat Systems Officer

12SX – Special Operations Combat Systems Officer

12UX – Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA-Drone) Pilot

13AX – Astronaut

13BX – Air Battle Manager

13DX – Control and Recovery

13LX – Air Liaison Officer

13MX – Airfield Operation

13SX – Space & Missile

14NX – Intelligence

15WX – Weather

16FX – Regional Affairs Strategist

16GX – Air Force Operations Staff Officer

16PX – Political-Military Affairs Strategist

16RX – Planning & Programming

17C0 – Cyber Operations Commander

17DX – Cyberspace Operations

18AX – Attack Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot

18GX – Generalist Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot

18RX – Recce Remotely Piloted Aircraft Pilot


20C0 – Logistics Deputy Group Commander

21AX – Aircraft Maintenance

21MX – Munitions and Missile Maintenance

21RX – Logistics Readiness Officer (LRO)


30C0 – Support Commander

31PX – Security Forces

32EX – Civil Engineer

17D – Communications & Information

35BX – Band

35PX – Public Affairs

38PX – Personnel


40C0 – Medical Commander

41AX – Health Services Administrator

42BX – Physical Therapist

42EX – Optometrist

42FX – Podiatrist

42GX – Physician Assistant

42NX – Audiology/Speech Pathologist

42PX – Clinical Psychologist

42SX – Clinical Social Worker

42TX – Occupational Therapist Biomedical Specialists

43AX – Aerospace & Operational Physiologist

43BX – Biomedical Scientist

43DX – Dietitian

43EX – Bioenvironmental Engineer

43HX – Public Health

43MX – Medical Entomologist

43PX – Pharmacist

43TX – Biomedical Laboratory

44AX – Chief, Hospital/Clinic Services

44BX – Preventive Medicine

44DX – Pathologist

44EX – Emergency Services Physician

44FX – Family Physician

44GX – General PracticePhysician

44HX – Nuclear MedicinePhysician

44JX – Clinical Geneticist

44KX – Pediatrician

44MX – Internist

44NX – Neurologist

44PX – Psychiatrist

44RX – Diagnostic Radiologist

44SX – Dermatologist

44TX – Radiotherapist

44UX – Occupational Medicine

44YX – Critical Care Medicine

44ZX – Allergist

45AX – Anesthesiologist

45BX – Orthopedic Surgeon

45EX – Ophthalmologist


45NX – Otorhinolaryngologist

45PX – Physical MedicinePhysician

45SX – Surgeon

45UX – Urologist

46AX – Nurse Administrator

46FX – Flight Nurse

46GX – Nurse-Midwife

46MX – Nurse Anesthetist

46NX – Clinical Nurse

46PX – Mental HealthNurse

46SX – Operating RoomNurse

46YX – Privileged Advanced Practice Nurse

47BX – Orthodontist

47DX – Oral and Maxillofacial Pathologist

47EX – Endodontist

47GX – Dentist

47HX – Periodontist

47KX – Pediatric Dentist

47PX – Prosthodontist

47SX – Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

48AX – Aerospace Medicine Specialist

48GX – General Medical Officer (GMO), Flt Surg

48RX – Residency Trained Flight Surgeon

48VX – Pilot-Physician


51JX – Judge Advocate

52RX – Chaplain


60C0 – Program Director

61AX – Operations ResearchAnalyst

61BX – Behavioral Science/Human Factors Scientist

61CX – Chemist/Biologist

61DX – Physicist/Nuclear Engineer

62EX – Developmental Engineer

62EXA – Aeronautical Engineer

62EXB – Astronautical Engineer

62EXC – Computer Systems Engineer

62EXE – Electrical/Electronic Engineer

62EXF – Flight Test Engineer

62EXG – Project Engineer

62EXH – Mechanical Engineer

62S0 – Materiel Leader

63AX – Acquisition Manager

63G0 – Senior Materiel Leader

63S0 – Materiel Leader

64PX – Contracting

65AX – Auditor

65FX – Financial Management

65WX – Cost Analysis

Special Investigations

71SX – Special Investigator

Special Duty Identifiers

80C0 – Commander, Cadet Squadron, USAFA

81C0 – Training Commander, OTS

81T0 – Instructor

82A0 – Academic Program Manager

83R0 – Recruiting Service

84H0 – Historian

85G0 – USAF Honor Guard

86M0 – Operations Management

86P0 – Command and Control

87G0 – Installation Inspector General

88A0 – Aide-de-Camp

Reporting Identifiers

90G0 – General Officer

91C0 – Commander

91W0 – Wing Commander

92J0 – Nondesignated Lawyer

92J1 – AFROTC Educational Delay-Law Student

92J2 – Funded Legal Education Program Law Student

92J3 – Excess Leave Law Student

92M0 – Health Professions Scholarship Program (HPSP) Medical Student

92M1 – Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences Student

92M2 – HPSP Biomedical Science Student

92R0 – Chaplain Candidate

92S0 – Student Officer Authorization

92T0 – Pilot Trainee

92T1 – Navigator/Combat Systems Officer Trainee

92T2 – Air Battle Manager Trainee

92T3 – Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA-Drones) Pilot Trainee

92W0 – Potential Wounded Warrior

92W1 – Reserved for Future Use

92W2 – Wounded Warrior

92W3 – Wounded Warrior-Returned to Duty

92W4 – Wounded Warrior-Limited Assignment Status

92W5 – Wounded Warrior-Retired/Discharged

92W9 – Warrior Care

93P0 – Patient

94N0 – Nuclear Weapons Custodian

95A0 – Non-Extended Active Duty AFRC or ANG USAFA Liaison Officer or CAP Liaison Officer

96D0 – Officer not available in awarded AFSC for cause

96U0 – Unclassified Officer

96V0 – Unallotted

97E0 – Executive Officer

99A0 – Unspecified AFSC