US Air Force

The Air Force was originally a Division of the US Army as the Army Air Corps.  The US Air force came into its own existence with the National Security Act of September 19th, 1947. Sure it is one of the youngest branches of service, but it is one of he hardest to join.  they recruit some of our countries smartest citizens.  Today the US Air Force is the highest technologically advanced branch of military service anywhere in the world.  Aircraft, drones, data systems, and computer capability are just some of the advances made in the Air Force.

The Air Force has been dubbed the aerial assault branch of the armed forces. The old Air Force motto “Aim High” for the Air Force has gone well beyond our air space. At the core of the Air Force missions is to employ Nuclear Deterrence Operations (including “Star Wars” operations left over from Pres. Ronald Regan), Special Operations (drones and satellites), Air Superiority (Raptor and other innovative aircraft in production), Space Superiority, Command and Control, Cyber Superiority, Personnel Recovery (like downed pilot O’Grady), Precision Global Attacks, Rapid Global Mobility, and Combat Support Operations. These operations are not totally separate and function in complete coordination to accomplish multiple missions. The US Air Force, Air Force Reserves, Air National Guards, and the US Civil Air Patrol all participate to protect our nation’s air space. The Air force has grown since 1947 to be a global dominating force.
The US Air Force is also one of the highest educated services in the US. Many Enlisted members have Associates Degrees or higher. The Air Force has the Community College of the Air Force that drives the education in its enlisted members to go that extra step to have a degree. Some Air Force Squadrons have had as much as 50% (or more) of the Enlisted members with associates degrees or higher.

Many choose the Air Force, because they have an educated driven system.  The Community College of the Air Force (CCAF) was established to give the average airmen an associates degree in the military specialty that they choose.  The Air Force is the highest technologically advanced force in the world because they see that all Air Force members continue their education at all levels.