Soldier Q&A

Rey Mene



Enlist Date:

22 AUG 1990

How long have you been in the military?

21 years

Do you plan to re-enlist?

N/A Officers do not have to re-enlist.

Why did you join?

I was born in America and raised by immigrant parents from the Philippines. America truly provided the Dream for my parents, where my brothers and I were raised with tremendous opportunities. Because of this, I felt a need to give back to my country by serving in uniform.

Why did you pick the Service Branch you did?  

I started in the Naval Reserve (because of the Top Gun movie), then went active duty Army, then Air Force Reserve, and back on active duty Navy, as a commissioned officer.

What is your Military occupation? 

I started as an Aviation Ordnanceman (USNR), Cavalry Scout (USA), Air Transportation Specialist and Education /Training Manager (USAFR), and currently a Health Care Administrator, Medical Service Corps, USN. (See NAVY Medical Servise Corps Video on Youtube)

What is your current Duty Station? 

Naval Hospital Bremerton, WA

Best duty station? 

Schofield Barracks, HI

What are some are your past duty stations? 

San Diego, Naval Air Station Memphis, Naval Air Station Alameda, Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Fort Knox- KY, Fort Bliss-TX, Fort Carson-CO, Schofield Barracks-HI, Portland-OR, Joint Base- Lewis McChord-WA.

Best part about serving?

Meeting and working with some of the most talented, inspirational, hard working, individuals I could ever meet and know. All ranks, officer and enlisted, and in my case, all services. I’ve made life-long friendships that I will always cherish.

What is the toughest/worst part about serving?

Times I have to be away from my family

Awards and Decorations: 

Air Force Commendation Medal, Air Force Achievement Medal, Army Achievement Medal, and numerous unit awads and decorations.

Your advice about enlisting in the military: 

Be open to learning as much as you can. As one former commander always said, “Training is a journey, not a destination.” Hard work, perseverance, can do attitudes, will always be recognized.

How would you advise someone to prepare for serving?  

Everyone that serves has different reasons for serving, but always remember, when serving, mission comes first, then the people around you, and then yourself.

How was boot camp (best/worse/funniest)? 

Best boot camp, Army- Fort Knox, KY

How long was boot camp? 

Navy, 8 weeks, Army, 16 weeks

Favorite military story: 

Too many to remember.

What is an average day like? 

Meetings and more meetings.

What is a crazy day like? 

Trying to be at 2 places at once.            

What is your future plans military plans?

My next assignment is to either go Greenside, with the Marines, or be assigned to an aircraft carrier or large deck amphibious ship

What are your educational aspirations with the military?

I would like to attend one of the service’s War Colleges.

What military books/movies/publications do you recommend? 

Charlie Mike and Flags of Our Fathers

Best advice you’d give somebody considering the military? 

Whether you stay in for one term or make it a career, work hard, be the best at whatever you are doing, and take advantage of all the cool places and fun activities the military has to offer.

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