As a proud parent of a potential member of the U.S. Armed Forces, you’ve come to the right place.  Learn all the pros and cons (and much more) of Enlisting or taking a Officer Commission in the U.S. Military. Entering the military can open doors to numerous opportunities that can’t be experienced anywhere else. Military life is not for everyone, and everyone is not for the military.  However, due to the commitment involved and change in lifestyle, it is imperative that you and your child have all the facts before making this serious life changing decision.  Parents, even if you are not going into the military, but you have a son or daughter that is, then that means you will start looking at thing related to the military in a hole new light.  If you don’t happen to find the answers you need to the questions you have, please let us know.  Our staff will gather the information you need.

We give the most honest information and real look at the life of all military personnel, so that the best decision can be made regarding your son or daughter’s potential future.  The information you’ll find on this web site is valuable to every parent who has a child who is considering the military.  We understand how important this decision is and and the ramifications of the information you are seeking.

“What all Parents want to know?”

This web site is the only one of its kind. It contains a great amount of information that will be valuable for you to read. This information is gathered from questions fielded by and from numerous military members of every branch, who have a great deal of information to offer. Any other detailed questions that you may have, that are not answered in this web site, can be sent to our staff via email. Thank you for visiting

We want to help you guide yourself and your son or daughter during this decision making process.  Many parents think that joining the military automatically means that their son or daughter will be in harms way.  This couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In fact, only 20% of the US Navy actually ever go into harms way.  If your son is in the Marines (0311) or Army (11-Bravo) Infantry then being in danger is definately a fact and way of life.  Think about the danger being concentric circles radiating from the GRUNTS.  If you are a Grunt the chances are good.  For every Infantry member (Grunt or ground pounder) there are seven to nine or more military support personnel.  On the battle field there are medics, supply (“Bullets-Blankets-Beans”), and various air support are next. Forward areas and  outposts are the next level.  These are not as secure as established bases and have to be replenished with strategically delivered supplies.  Further away from that are the bases in the green zones.  These are better protected and have a constant supply of people, mail, offices, individual rooms, and other various facilities.  Still in the  AOR (area of responsibility), but not as dangerous.  Even further away are supporting bases that may even be in surrounding other countries (Germany, Turkey, Japan).  These bases in-process military personnel into the AOR and redirect them to needed reinforcement areas.  SEALS, Snipers, Drones, Rangers, and many other needed assets get tasked elsewhere. So, depending on the job (AFSC, MOS, RATE) your son or daughter choose will dictate how far they are from dangerous areas.  I was a Marine GRUNT for 4 years and am very proud of my Marine Corps heritage.  Being the pointy end of the spear is demanding.  Training for combat over and over in various ways was a part on my life, but that is not for everybody who wants to join the military.  We want to offer the best information to help you and your son or daughter to make the best military career decision that fits them.

Why does my child want to join the military?

Some have “Prior Service” connected Parents: If you (Mom, Dad, or any influential relative) have ever served in the armed forces then the answer is easy. Your service in the military has had a greater influence on your child.  Any story you may have told them about your fascinating time in the military or what they may have overheard has influenced them to seek the same life adventures or experiences. There are plenty of cultures that have a “Right of Passage” to adulthood.  For the American born US citizen this is the closest we will ever come to having this “Right of Passage” to live in the greatest country in the world. Use your influence now to help you child make the right decisions and guide then as they progress.

“Non-Prior Service” parents may have a child that wants to be different. If you are not prior service then all this will be new to you.  Don’t fear the unknown, because of previous held perceptions . The reason your child wants to join the military may come from a sense of duty to our country, encouragement of fellow high school students, a way to get US citizenship, video games, or many other reasons. The best way to find out is to basically ask you child if he or she is on the right/wrong path in life.  This will be very evident in the answer they give you.  You will know instantly if they have given this decision a great deal of thought or if it is a long term answer to a short term issue/problem.

What can I do to help my child?

Support your child in every way. The decision to join the military may be a high school student’s knee jerk reaction to making a quick life decision, or it could be the first real adult decision your child is making in life. They may change their mind next week.  Read all the material that your son/daughter brings home from the recruiter or finds on the internet. Do your own homework, become a military student of life, and be informed.  Visit the recruiter with your son/daughter and ask the hard questions you think are not being asked.  Get to know the recruiter and get a feel for thier integrity. Trust your gut feeling.  If you think the recruiter is feeding you a line of BS (great military term) let them know that.  All the paperwork, terminology, and timing will seem to take a long time (usually all day-like a used cars salesman), but it’s best to make the right decisions at the beginning as apposed to paying for them for the next 4 to 5 years of service. Ask any question that comes to your mind and write them down, so you don’t forget. “The only dumb question is the one not asked!” As minor as the question may be, it may lead to bigger and more important informative questions that you may already have thought of.  Review these answers later at home with your son/daughter to see how they are feeling about this decision.  Reevaluate after every visit to the recruiter.  Its the smart thing to do.

You can positively influence (guide) your son/daughter in the right direction or try and talk them out of it. Be aware that if you “forbid” your young adult from seeing a recruiter, or going into the military, that you may as well book the flight to their military graduation ceremony. Make a list (check it twice) of questions you have and want to ask the recruiter. Some specific questions cannot be answered in this format. Such as when the recruit (your son or daughter) will ship out (go to boot camp), ASVAB scores (when the scores come out they are protected information), jobs the recruiter has currently open to fill (varies due to retirements and/or needs of the service), contact/mail information for the recruit (varies with each boot camp location), and many other questions. While you educate yourself you will also be educating your child about the aspects of the military service that they are about to join.  The answers to your questions sometimes leads to other important questions.

This will let the recruiter know that the person being enlisted has a great support element at home. This always makes the recruiter’s job a lot easier when they request vital documents that are required for enlisting. These are documents that young adults usually don’t have control of, such as thier birth certificate, social security cards, adoption papers (if applicable), any legal papers, and maybe some medical documents.  Sad to say, but most young adults have never learned the importance these documents.  You’ve heard about recruiters lying to their recruits to get them to sign on the dotted line. You are the greatest antidote to this happening to your young adult.  So, this is your opportunity to help your child make an educated career decision about their life for the next 4+ years, with your guidance. This is not a time to get back at your child for every growing experience you have ever had with them.  This is not a time to stone wall your child if this is the decision they have made to grow.  View every decision as an opportunity, and believe me there are opportunities in the military and beyond.  Sometimes its not the recruiter lying to a potential recruit, but the new recruit only hearing what they want to here.  For instance: Army recruiter says everybody is guaranteed to go to Jump School, if they qualify. So if a recruit doesn’t qualify then the recruiter can be mislabeled as a lying recruiter.  Happens a great deal for those who sign papers too fast.

Bring an open positive attitude when you see the recruiter. The recruiter can bring to light some jobs and career strategies that are not as readily available to most enlistees. There migth even be a significant bonuses ($15,000.00 for Air Force 2T2s) involved for your son or daughter (FYI-bonuses are for the careers that the military needs to fill and may be the dangerous ones such as Explosive Ordinance Disposal).  Recruiters, encouraged by you to do their job to the best of their abilities, can benefit your son/daughter for years to come. It also looks good for them to enlist highly valuable people (educated and highly trainable) into the military.  These recruits will be the future of our Armed Forces.

How can I discourage my son/daughter from joining the military?

The best you can do to discourage your son/daughter from joining the military is to point out the real truths about joining the military. When they enter the military they will loose touch with all of their friends. Sometimes thats not a bad thing depending on the caliber of friends. They will essentially move far away from where they currently live (unless they join the reserves near by). Young adults sometimes need to move away and break ties with Mom and Dad to proclaim their independence and sometimes grow. They will definitely dress and talk differently, than they do now, and their hair style will change.  These are just a couple of things that will happen when joining the military, and every change can be good and/or bad depending on the outlook of the person joining the military.  The possibility of war is always in the mix.  Discussing these world issues with your young adult and the whole family is the best thing to do.

How long is boot camp?

The longest boot camps is 13 ½ weeks and that is for the Marine Corps. The reason the Marine Corps has a long boot camp is that they train their recruits to be a rifleman first and then whatever MOS (Military Occupational Specialty) they choose second. One of the shortest boot camps is 8 weeks and that is the US Air Force. The trade off is that even though the boot camp for the Air Force is shorter that they do have long schools to attend to be proficient in their AFSC or MOS. Schedules for the different boot camps can be found on this web site on different pages.  But for the latest of each boot camp please call your local recruiter.

Am I allowed you visit my son/daughter at boot camp?

The answer is yes. Unfortunately, the bad news is that the only time you will be able to visit is scheduled during boot camp graduation. You will be able to meet the Drill Instructors and see that they are not the (movie driven) monsters you have heard of.  You’ll be able to visit the base where boot camp is held and where careers are started. Proud parents buy various souvenirs to show how proud they are, and see your son or daughter graduate into the military service they have chosen. You may not recognize your son or daughter at first for various reasons. They will be skinnier, stronger, stand a little taller & prouder, and they will come with an attitude that they can take on the world with all its problems.  You will be proud of your son or daughter, and thats a feeling you know you have always wanted to feel.

If you have other questions, please contact this web site and we will answer all your questions individually.  We will also publish the answers on this site for others to benefit from.  Semper Fi & GOD Speed!