”Basic Training for Dummies” By Rod Powers.    Insightful book about the intricacies of basic training and why they train the way they do.

“Corps Values” By Zell Miller.  A Marine pointing in the right direction.  Every politician should read this book.  Every leader/manager/supervisor should read this book.

“Get your ship together: How great leaders inspire ownership from the keel.”  By Michael Abrashoff.    Ownership is rare in any company but thrives in the military with small group dynamics.  A basic how to book that will give you tools to move forward

“Its Your Ship: Management Techniques from the Best Damn Ship in the Navy” By Michael Abrashoff.    Inspiring management techniques that lead to being a greater military leader.  The world is full of managers, so the key is to earn how to be a leader with managerial skills.

“My FBI” By Louis Free.  Great historical outlook of the FBI from 1993 on.  A candid look at how our government operated during that time frame.  Fast read.

“The Art of War” By Sun Tsu.  All Military and Corporate leaders should read this book.


More to come…