Wilsonville Wildcats Combat Bracelets

These three colored (Dark Blue outside, Grey inside, with a White stripe) Combat Bracelets were donated to the Wilsonville Youth Baseball team that I helped to coach this 2012 season.  These were given to the players at the end of the baseball season as a team building donation.  The boys were happy to receive a personal item that they can wear and take with them wherever they go.  The traditional baseball trophies sometimes set on a shelf and gather dust, certificates of participation get forgotten with other piles of paper, but this bracelet will last for seasons of sports.

Many other teams also have these same three colors.  This is a very traditional Combat Bracelet I have made for many Wilsonville teams.  Two colors, three colors and the Cobra Weave bracelet are just a few of the ones I have made over the years.  As the school years starts up with Football as the first team sport,  I get many of my requests for this Combat Bracelet at that time. Football season is a great time to buy this bracelet, because I have plenty of materials on hand to make this three colored Combat Bracelet.  Then right into Cross-Country, Basketball, Track, Baseball, and many other local events.