Race for the Cure

Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure”

Every year that I have been making these military type Combat Bracelets I have had somebody also ask me to make a solid “pink” bracelet.  In the first couple of years I didn’t realize why people wanted these pretty pink Combat Bracelets.  I’ve even ran the Susan G. Komen race/walk many times before.  I just thought people liked the color pink.  I have now grown use to making these great unity symbols for a good number of friends.  I look forward every year to the orders that come in and the friends and families that like them.

This past year a friend of mine recently went through Chemo therapy for breast cancer.  Hearing her personal story put a very personal touch on this issue.  knowing what her family was going through also made it hard.  Having friends and family to support her was a great help.  Her doctors were straight forward for her.  They answered all the hard questions for her life. Subjects like the loss of her hair with chemo, will it get all the cancer, plans of alternatives, what if it doesn’t work,  the hardships of reconstructive surgery, normalcy of tattoos, intake of foods, her personal spirit, and much more.  Thank GOD she is in remision now, but the scare for her and her family was a real eye opener. The more people I know (my age – 40′s) that go through life’s many challenges makes it that much more real for me.  Cancer is just one of those realities.

I pray that cancer research makes leaps and bounds in a cure.  The progress is slow going for now, but much more research is needed to find all the key information on how to fight cancer.  I remember learning in grade school that sharks don’t get cancer (and they eat anything).  How is that possible?

I have recently added a twist to the solid pink bracelets and that is a remembrance ribbon.  It’s for those friends and family members lost over the past year.  Sad truth about cancer is that it does claim some of our friends.  That is why this race, and many other related fund raisers are so important for us.  If you just like the look of the ribbon then that is fine too.  I will post other pictures of the plain pink bracelets as well.

Cancer is not the life ending diagnosis as it once was.  There are vital research centers across the country that are finding little key bits of information on this struggle.  While the Susan G. Komen race for the Cure focuses on women for breast cancer, they are also helping to further research in other cancer fighting areas.

So, if you’d like one of these pretty pink Combat Bracelets, or a bunch of them for your team, let me know.  I’d be happy to make them for you and your friends.