Cheetah Express

A good friend of mine, named Edvige (Vige) Fykes, got together with some close friends and family members to do the National Multiple Sclerosis Society walk that took place in sunny Los Angeles.  This walk is also commonly known as the “Cheetah Express”.  Earlier this year I was contacted by “Vige” (Mom of the group) to make some inspirational Combat Bracelets for the whole team.  We decided to copy the official colors of the Cheetah Express race.  I hand made each of these in the Cheetah colors of bright lime green, orange, with a white accent stripe.  Her team first asked for a conservative 15 bracelets, it then increased to 18, that quickly went up to 20, and then 23 bracelets all together.  It was good to see her team grow to represent a bigger team all working together to accomplish a greater awareness of a disease that is misunderstood around the country.  Here are some pictures of the team with the bracelets on before the walk.  Vige has a daughter that is afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis, but she doesn’t let it get her sprits or movements down.  In fact, on the day of the race a fellow Multiple Sclerosis patient asked her where she got the cool bracelets.  Well, she ended up giving the friend her bracelet, as a boost for of confidence for the walk/race. It was great to a be small part of this great family outing that can make a change in Multiple Sclerosis research.  the walk is significant, because Multiple Sclerosis is a disabling disease that attacks a persons central nervous system in various degrees of paralysis.  This walk shows that all these individuals will not go “gently into the night,”  and that this Cheetah Express walk/race will help support research to cure Multiple Sclerosis.

Hundreds of  participants walked that sunny day and many more will next year. was just glad to be a small part of the the team that Vige’s Team.  The main participants in this great 2012 LA Cheetah Express Team were Edvige, Eve,  Janet Alexzandra, Candice, Brandee, Desiree, Sanicka, Cassie, and Sherlone. We were able to bring them closer together as a team with the Cheetah Express Combat Bracelets specifically designed for each of them.  We “SALUTE” you all that took the initiative and walked that Sunday April 15th in Los Angelos for the Multiple Sclerosis cause.  All of us working together can and do make a difference in this neighborhood, city, county, state, nation, and world.  Find a cause that you believe in and start making a difference today.  Big things start with little steps.  “One Team, One Fight!”