Proceeds from Combat Bracelet Sales…

A percentage of the proceeds from the sales of Combat Bracelets go to help the following organizations…

-Boy Scouts of America (Since 2005)

-Boones Ferry Primary School (Since 2005)

-Civil Air Patrol (Since 2010)

-Coast Guard Auxiliary (Since 2007)

-Girl Scouts of America (Since 2005)

-Goodwill (2002)

-Grace Chapel Church of Wilsonville (Since 2008)

-Mom’s Club of Wilsonville (Since 2008)

-St. Cyril’s Church in Wilsonville (2005)

-Wilsonville Food Bank (2005)

-Wilsonville Library (2010)

-Willamette United Soccer Club (Since 2005)

-Wilsonville Youth Baseball (Since 2010)

-Wilsonville Youth Basketball (Since 2008)

-Wilsonville Youth Football (Since 2008)

-Wounded Warrior (Since 2010)

-Inza R. Wood Middle School (Since 2011)