Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.

posted July 10th, 2012 by John B.

Really!?!  In the US Military.  This is a non-issue.

Who cares, just do your duty with honor.  Service Before Self and Commitment to Duty.  We have a multitude of other tasks at hand.

We didn’t have to know your sexual preference and we don’t want to hear your stories.  I’m sure you don’t want to hear mine.

That being said, gays & lesbians have served honorably in our Armed forces for many generations and will continue to do so.  Why this issue has grown to such a big issue is a mystery. The US Armed Forces has always been a reflection of our society.  Gays & lesbians represents a very small amount of our society and some are just as patriotic as the next person.  It should come as no surprise that gays & lesbians are serving in our Armed Services.

We don’t care to hear personal stories of anybodies sexual preferences, just like I don’t care to here the boasting conquests of a single male serving in our armed forces.  I have personally served my country honorably through out the years without my sexual preference involved at any point.  I’m sure individuals who wanted to find out could very well know that I am married to a beautiful women and have two kids.  I personally know 14 gay service members, but their sexual preference never enters our professional discussion.

I do have an issue with those serving our country who very publicly come forward, after years of service, and say that are openly gay. This is the predicament – honor and integrity are a must in the service.  When these individuals were asked years ago if they had any homosexual intentions, how did they “openly” answer that question?  They must have lied at one time or another to enlist or swear into our services.  My issue is not with the life style they have chosen, but with their lack of integrity.  So, if they publicly come forward now, what is the gain? Do they have their security clearances taken away, do they loose their positions of trust, what happens now?

Granted, I now know you are openly serving as a gay person, so what?  It should not change the way you serve your country.  How does that information benefit anybody, but you?  My point is that working together as a team is always better than working as an individual.  This whole issue is a personal dilemma, and should not be public.  I personally look forward to working with any service member, just as long as we are all held to the highest standards of the miliatry.

I’m not for or against the gay and lesbian agendas, but I am for the American agenda.  Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.



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