Speaking Engagements

John Speaks: Motivation, Leadership and Fitness

Motivation is needed for companies large and small. When business find their employees in a slump sometimes an external speaker can help excite and help them see things in a new light. When I speak I use interactive and time tested tools to provide perspective that changes the way your people view their role. I have talked with business leaders, military leadership, numerous military groups and individuals and all have had expressed a better outlook toward achieving their goals and performing their duties.

Leadership speaking engagements are needed in the corporate world as much as the military. The US military has immense experience motivating leadership and I have blended my military leadership training into a corporate leadership applicable approach. Sadly, there are a great number of corporate and military leaders that don’t know how to actually lead. I start with the foundation of leadership, what is real leadership and why it’s needed. Then I explain leadership styles, how to applying leadership skills and when. I also teach how to avoid common pitfalls leaders fall into.

Fitness advice is also a specialty I offer. I have been trained by the Marine Corps, Air Force, and the Coast Guard on how to stay fit, run fitness programs, put together a fitness plan, and how to maintain it. Currently I am the Unit Health Promotion Coordinator with certifications quickly coming for Personal Fitness Instructor. I can offer the plain sound advice that many pay hundreds of dollars for without a focused plan. I can offer what most are seeking in the first place. Every year people pledge to hold to their new year’s resolutions when in fact what they need is life style changes. I provide the steps to get people on the right track.