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Here at Miltary-coach.com you will find information about serving in all the U.S. Armed Forces. It was founded in 2007 by John Budiao, who has served in 3 branches of the U.S. military. He has years of experience advising military personnel of all ranks, corporate leaders, Boy Scouts, CEOs, project managers, coaching basketball / football / baseball / soccer, and motivating them all. This website and its contents are dedicated to the honorable men and women of the U. S. Armed Forces all over the world. We are all Brothers at Arms.

John’s Story

John has been advising military members since 1994. After joined the Marine Corps he quickly found out that he was the oldest in his Platoon (Golf Company Platoon 2121) at the age of 24. Looking back now, he says, 24 years old is not that old at all. Recruits in Platoon 2121 came to rely on him for sound advice on a very wide variety of topics. He had 94 college semester units and a future semi-planned out for himself in law enforcement, after the Marine Corps. As he got to know his fellow recruits, he realized that they were drawn to him as a leader and for guidance in a different ways. Not just the established leadership positions that the Marine Corps wanted him to establish within their ranks, but for the answers to some of life’s difficult situations. Their Platoon Leader changed over and over and each one of them all thought he was going to take their leadership position. What they didn’t know was that he liked getting things done behind the scenes without suffering the consequences and worries of being the Platoon figurehead leader, becaused they were held responsible for every mistake the Platoon made. He later understood that handling that pressure was a the sign of a good leader. This unique situation started him down the path of learning to become a true “Life Coach” for many others.

One of the first questions put to him was, “What is college like?” A great number of young Marines joined for the benefits of having college paid for. “I wished many of them used that benefit after they got out.” They would also ask, “How much debt do you have from going to college? Was it hard to study?” or “Did you flunk out?” Being married (and still married to the same beauiful woman) also opened up a whole new set of questions about relationships that 18-22 year olds are curious about. Others had questions about the jobs he had before enlisting in the Corps, and much more. In John’s experience he found that all the information he ever wanted to know could usually be found either in books or from asking the right people the right questions (and sometimes at the right time). John recalls “When I joined the Marine Corps I had a boot (new on the job) recruiter. He was a good Marine, but didn’t know the full capabilities of his position. With my college education level he should have directed me towards becoming an Officer in the Marine Corps. His lack of knowledge put more hurdles in my way to becoming an Officer. My first four years in the military were as an enlisted member. I’m a good Marine, but I see that I had all the potential to have become a better Marine Corps Officer.”

John’s purpose in creating Military-coach.com is to stop similar situations from happening to anyone else. Helping others find the “right answers” to military related questions is the driving force behind Military-coach.com and because the right answers can make a difference in everybodies life. He is not a recruiter and can advise you on making the right decisions about joing the military.

John also offers one on one counseling for those wanting to join the military. The information provided and contained in this website is provided totally free. Many other military members have aslo contributed information to this web site, and some are even profiled for you to read about. They offer all the information you will need to make an educated decision about your future military career.

Message from John

My son has re-taught me a valuable life lesson that I want to share with you…

Whenever my son wants something, he is brave enough to come straight to me or my wife and ask for stuff. He doesn’t care what we are doing or how we are feeling; he just knows he has a goal in mind. The other day I was cooking dinner and he came to me to ask if he could have some left over Easter candy. He had those big puppy dog eyes that kids practice. We had plenty of it left over, but dinner was almost done. I said “no” and went about cooking dinner. He walked away and went straight to my wife in another room, where I could still hear him ask the same exact question of my wife.  Of course she said “no” too. She knew I was almost done with dinner. I was pleasantly surprised that my answer did not suffice or detour him and he sought after the answer he wanted. Sometimes the answer is not what you want to hear, but sometimes its when and how you ask that makes all the difference or who you ask. My son asked for his candy again after dinner was over and he got some for desert. He now knows that if he asks for candy after dinner that his chances are better for getting some.

Unfortunately for us, he’s a really good learner. Now, right after he has taken his last mouth full of dinner, he asks for desert or candy. I am proud that in life he will keep asking until he gets what he wants. He may have to overcome some hurdles, but he has the courage to not only ask, but the knowledge to ask the right person, and at the right time. I hope that carries him far in life. Persistance and determination are always good trates to have.

Don’t let life tell you “NO” every time you set out for your goals. Don’t ever give up on the first try(or second try, or third try). Find the hurdles or obstacles, why they exist, can you over come them, can you mitigate (deminish) them, how to overcome them, create a plan, and go for it! Life is full of those that have given up on the first try. Sucess is for those looking for the right answer(s) over and over.

Enjoy Military-Coach.com and if you have any questions, advice, stories, or want us  to research a topic or question for you, then just fill in the “contact us” information and we will get back to you.

John Budiao
Military Coach
Officer in Charge

The internet can reach the greatest number of people in the shortest amount of time. John has chosen to share his knowledge and insight through this medium.

Information for Recruits

On this website is complied information on the US Army, US Navy, US Air Force (Civil Air Patrol), US Marine Corps, and the US Coast Guard (Sea Cadets). Each branch of service has a different mission to accomplish for the United States, so choosing the correct branch for yourself to fit into can get a little tricky. Especially, if you are talking to a recruiter who only knows what their branch of service has to offer you. Starting from the beginning John shares strategies on taking the ASVAB, preparing for boot camp, surviving boot camp, uniform secrets, gear, leadership traits – knowledge – skills – abilities, choosing the best military career, and much more.

Information for the Enlisted

John and others share advice on what to do while you are in the military, how to better your life, prepare for re-enlisting, financial strategies, military friendly banks, benefits to look forward too for active duty / reserve / retired military, separating from the military, and civilian careers afterward. Even getting back into the military after a gap in service.

Military Life & Lifestyle

This website holds a great amount of information for those who want to join the military (Enlisted or Officer), but that’s not all. Contained within these web pages are advice on developing leadership skills, book recommendations, reviews on military related movies & media, life coaching, finances, fitness/health/well being advice in and out of the military and much more. If you do not find the answer to your questions then just send an e-amil and we will send you the answer to your question(s). We will also publish the question and answer for others to see, because they may answer a number of questions that others are afraid to ask.