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Which branch of the military is right for me?

This question is one of the main reasons this web site was created. A friend (non-military) told me that they thought all the information they needed to join the military could come from any “Macho” guy from that “male dominated profession”. The information you’ll find contained in this web site has come together from hundreds of military members with decades of experience, numerous conversations, interactions, and professional experiences of various military friends of mine. So, enjoy the information from a “Macho” guy from a not so male dominated military profession as you click around Military-Coach.com and find the information you need. The information you need to make an educated military decision is located here. Thanks for visiting this site! QUESTIONS TO ASK YOURSELF

Soldier Q & A

Frank D’Angelo (Air Force)

Stationed: My current duty station is the United States Strategic Command, Offutt AFB, Nebraska.  Before that it was Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM) located in Washington State.Enlist Date: March 9th, 1999
Occupation: My (AFSC) Air Force Specialty Code is 3D071 for Knowledge Operations Management
Why did you join?
For the opportunity to serve in the world’s best air force; pay & benefits; education…